All around payouts is a central issue for gambling, because it's about how much you win and then get it on your bank account. This page looks at the three main topics of the online casino payout: the quick payout from the casino, the best payout rates and what they mean, as well as the highest odds you can have at individual games.

We have built up the trust of our community over the years. In order to keep this trust, we do not want to list online casinos that work illegally with fake games. Online casinos that have their gambling license outside of Europe, or who have been heavily cheated by fraud in the past, are also not listed here. Players will find on site only serious online casinos that are regulated in Europe, work with original sofware, and offer secure, encrypted payment options.

Slottojam scores with a medium-sized but varied game offer, many payment options and several bonus types. The still quite new online casino has a lot of potential!

✅ Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus. Can I use it more than once?

If you re-register in an online casino, you can usually take a bonus on the first deposit. Even in 2021, the best casinos even offer more than just a bonus. However, what you should not do is create a second player account on the same website. That's against the rules and the casino would then canceln the bonus. However, you can always look for new online casinos to secure a further bonus, because providers with offers are available like sand by the sea.

We also search through relevant casino forums and read the opinions of active online casino customers there, in order to verify them if necessary or, of course, to falsify them in the event of criticism.

For newly repaying players, sales conditions apply. Look at the full terms and conditions

Gambling licence and quality seal

In our casino tests, the very first step is to determine if the online casino to be tested has a valid gambling license. If this is not the case, we will sort out such a casino without any further tests. A European or Austrian licence for gambling is essential, as this is the basic requirement for legal online gaming.

At the second stage, to redeem the volcano Vegas Welcome Bonus, you should pay more than 50 €. Because in order to enjoy the full cashback, you have to deposit 350 € to get back 200% of the money. In our example, this makes 700 €. All in all, you have received the promised bonus of € 1,000. In addition, there are a further 100 free spas that can be redeemed in the Fire Joker game.

Logically, because in the game with real money in the online casino only occasionally free games are granted, usually money has to be paid into the game account. In order to assess the risks of a However, limiting over-indebtedness as well as the irresponsible use of funds in the gambling process from the outset will be subject to statutory limits.


Even the CasinoPlanet has been very positive for us. Here you can get an attractive bonus if you register with this provider. At the moment, the first 4 deposits will be added to the online casino. CasinoPlanet is still one of the new online casinos and is not so well known yet, but has great potential, since the casino offers its customers a very large game selection and great deals.

The aim in USA is to block all companies in the industry who do not comply with the rules and which therefore do not receive a concession. Whether and how this is practicable, the government does not yet provide clear information.

RTP is the proportion of all bets made, which are returned to the players as profit distributions. This value is always expressed as a percentage.

The best casinos are equipped with a gambling licence from the EU. The topic of security and licensing should always be the top priority in choosing the best online casino.

It's a small difference if something is "not forbidden" or "allowed". According to the current legal situation, online poker is only "not prohibited", a clear rule under which conditions online poker is allowed, however, there is also no.

In addition, the average chance of winning in an online casino is naturally dependent on the type of games that are offered. European and French roulette games offer a greater chance of winning. The American roulette, on the other hand, really cleans up for the casino and has a much higher house advantage. Thus, the online casino can already adjust the average RTP value when selecting the games.


IDeal is also one of the popular payment methods in the online casino. Since 2013, more than 140 million transactions have taken place via the payment provider. You can use iDeal to make both deposits and withdrawals, and free of charge. So you can definitely trust this service.

Roulette is also available in numerous online casinos to gamer with real money. You can access many different game variants like the classic American or European Roulette and gamble online variants such as Multi Wheel, Multiball, Doubleball, Ra, Spingo or Monopoly Roulette.

The US payment service provider is considered the market leader in the area of online payment. It is therefore understandable that, until recently, the payment friend was also one of the most popular payment methods in the online casino. Since the end of 2019, however, a search has been made in vain for an online casino, which provides PayPal as a payment method. The reason for this is that the US payment service provider has modified its own terms and conditions under pressure from US politics. The changes state that PayPal no longer cooperates with online casinos on the US gambling market. Whether this step will be undone after the complete legalization of private US online casino providers is not currently predicted.

The best in USA also have a loyalty system for their players. You collect points by playing, and you can convert them into bonuses or free games. In short, you want to play where it's worth it. Where the trip does not stop after the bonus, but only goes off.

So far, it all sounds easy, but why can an online casino be better than others? Now, the aforementioned sales conditions can be very different from Casino to Casino. On the one hand there can also be additional rules, such as the maximum bet and the maximum payout sum. This is often used in a bonus without deposit, to avoid the player without paying anything at all to hit the big jackpot.

Professional poker players have to pay taxes in USA

Those who operate poker for commercial purposes, that is, earn profits regularly with the game and receive their income from it, is subject to income tax.

It is already clear that a central test stone will be the required early warning system. According to the gambling agreement, this is to be understood as an "automated system", with the aid of which it is possible to detect at an early stage and/or addictive players can be identified.

As you can possibly imagine, there are comparatively not so many live casino games. Finally, live slots are simply not feasible in reality, and previous attempts to do so failed. This is why the Live Casino has virtually exclusive games to gamble in the country-based game bank:

If you find an online casino that is not checked by us, please note the following details: If there is no data required, then there is a great doubt about the seriousness of the casino and you should look for an alternative.

The best payment methods for our experts are all that are safe and in which the entry and payment works quickly and easily. Whether you want to pay with PayPal, Paysafecard or credit card is up to you. If you are not sure, you can find our Guide to Payment Methods here.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC): GTC are de facto nothing other than the contractual terms and conditions that apply to any kind of business relationship between the supplier and the consumer. This is why they are designed to be very individual, but they have to meet numerous requirements in order to be legally binding.

But always make sure that you know the AGB's online casinos and never pay any money you can not pay!

Our experts have listed the best for you in an overview. This list is updated daily & we recommend only the best. This is what this page is intended for.

Do you have to pay taxes in USA on poker profits?

Smaller and one-time poker profits are not subject to tax liability in USA. They do not have to be taxed, just like lottery profits. Only if a player with poker regularly gains profits and earn with poker permanent income, the state requires the levy of income tax on the net profits at poker.