From Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies we've all heard of it before. One of the most appreciated functions of these cryptocurrencies is probably the almost total anonymity of transactions. This mode of operation has made the transactions more complicated, but at the same time incredibly secure. Many people, however, are unfortunately still deterred by the former. There is absolutely no reason for this and, in addition, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are very well-suited for use in online casinos. This is because Bitcoin is the only currency that can be used safely, cheaply, quickly and cost-effectively via the Internet. Since Bitcoin exists in a purely digital way, a conversion from our known money (fiatcurrencies) to Bitcoin or otherwise can be done at any time of day and night. 24/7, 365 days a year and location independent!

But there are also some challenges with these casinos, which I will also address now:

You will receive up to 100 € or 1 BTC on your first deposit. And to keep the fun running, you get 180 free games at Boomanji or Fruit Zen or Starburst Video Slots. First 20 free games will be credited 23 hours after the first deposit, and then 20 more 24 hours later. This will continue for 9 days, until you receive a total of 180 spins!

One of the most important features of Bitcoin is the fact that you are decentrally traded and without a bank being traded in between. If you want to pay with Bitcoin, you must first acquire it and store it in a bitcoin wallet.

Repay and winnings

If we look at the cashier's area in Krypto casinos, then it will fall: In most of them, there are also traditional payment methods such as Paypal and other e-wallets, card payment as well as online banking.

What the currencies have to do with the euro or the dollar: their value is basically calculated independently of banks and states. On the contrary, it depends on supply and demand, is continuously recalculated and has experienced remarkable rises and crashes accordingly.

Of course, where advantages are, there are also some disadvantages. One point has already been raised here: acceptance. The bitcoins are still in their infancy, so that there are not too many merchants or online casinos that accept the bitcoins as a valid payment option. Thus, defenders of this currency are sometimes forced to go in search of suitable dealers.

This also has the positive side effect that you don't have to fear any deposit limits in Bitcoin casinos. All other payment methods are subject to various limits. These serve to protect the player-allegedly. For example, in many normal online casinos, you can only deposit only 2,000 euros if you use VISA.

There is also a Bitcoin Casino without deposit, here a fixed amount is made freely available. However, the bonuses are often linked to very high conditions, which one should definitely read through before.

In addition to the casino Bitcoin pages, the game developers themselves also receive their own licenses from the regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority. The software manufacturers can certify the RTP values and random numbers of their games. Corresponding entries are recorded on the pages of the game estudios. These security measures are in addition to the internal arrangements of the Regulated Bitcoin casinos. In addition, modern programming standards such as HTML5 contribute to the less vulnerable to viruses.

Select Bitcoin Bonus. Before paying with Bitcoin, you should ask yourself whether you would like a casino bonus or not. In any case, the bonus conditions should be observed. Here's a list of online casinos with Bitcoin bonus.

But it's not just the slots that count online Bitcoin casinos. Also the normal card and table games are not too short. This is almost always the absolute classics called Black Jack or Roulette. But poker or baccarat is also very common in online Bitcoin casinos.

Are Crypto Online Casinos a safe place to store Bitcoins?

In principle, you can use an online casino account in this way to store your own Bitcoins and use it. However, one should always be aware that the bitcoins in this online casino are just as secure as the servers and firewalls of the corresponding casino. So there is always a residual risk that the online casino target will be a hacker attack and the bitcoins will be hideaway in this way. However, the online casinos naturally have appropriate protection mechanisms and do everything they can to keep your bitcoins safe. For larger sums, this is not the method of choice to store bitcoins-but if you just want to park a small sum of bitcoins, you can do this in an online casino.

However, the great independence and the low side costs are some of the disadvantages that make the use of (especially for new Bitcoin owners) a little bit cloud-bye. Much of this, however, is negligible with some experience in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Top Bitcoin casinos offer you privacy. Since your Bitcoin Wallet is not associated with any personal information, people don't know who bought what.

High turnover requirements and sometimes even ridiculously low profit limits from playing with bonus credits make a hefty profit for the player schier impossible.

The online casinos with Bitcoin also ensure that you can play in a safe and fair environment. An indication of this is a valid EU gambling licence, issued, for example, by the strict regulatory authority Malta Gaming Authority.

This is just a very rough introduction to the issue of security in cryptocurrencies. The best way to do this is to get a little bit more intense before you start playing in Bitcoin casinos. The initially mentioned disadvantage, however, remains: there are no institutions in the case of doubt, which will replace your money. You're completely responsible for yourself.

In addition to the vending machines, Bitcoin Casino also features roulette and blackjack as well as the common table classics. To do this, the online casinos usually start in the browser on all common terminals. iOS and Android users experience as much thrill as owners of a Windows Phones.

Disadvantages in Bitcoin Online Casino

No system is perfect: Bitcoin casinos bring the same advantages and disadvantages as all the other casinos. Due to the payment method, however, there are inherent, currency-specific disadvantages. These are, among other things, as follows:

One can say the new one is a casino on the market, the more likely it is that the most modern payment methods are offered as opposed to long-established providers, which rely on proven payment options. However, these also have to go with time and therefore it is important to keep an eye on the development. Casino providers also have to adhere to the players ' demands and accordingly also adapt payment methods. So make sure to regularly visit your favorite online casinos. In principle, besides BTC other cryptocurrencies are also coming.

PayPal is probably the most common and works slightly differently from other wallet-systems, since a PayPal account does not have to be financed directly before payments can be made. The money can be raised directly from a card, or even from a bank account, and transferred directly to the recipient.

However, you don't need any special settings for playing Bitcoin slot machines on the mentioned pages, and you can use the casinos to bet money in spite of forbidden access rights. Thus, there are no restrictions for the user.

Not necessarily. This depends on which pages you play. On many websites, the cryptocurrency is listed as one of many deposit and payout methods, and you also have the option of other currencies, such as US dollars, pounds, euros, etc. to use. Other pages, on the other hand, offer the games exclusively in BTC and allow to make deposits and withdrawals in other currencies. There are also casinos that offer different digital currencies, but completely abstain from Fiat currencies.

Secure payment system, that is almost anonymous for users. This is a great advantage for the gamblers who care about their security at the casino.

Oshi is a fantastic, small casino with more than 2500 games, transparent terms and conditions, several possible payment options and currencies, a focus on fair play and user-friendliness. Oshi was developed with the intention of giving the players a fantastic user experience and we believe that they have achieved exactly that.


I am constantly in search of new investments and investment opportunities. That's how I like to jump on experiments with small amounts of money. But security is going on. In five years of Crypto's experience, I was able to build a broad portfolio. However, I am only taking a high risk of playing money.