You know the procedure: In a new online casino, you first sign up, then you will use a payment method and transfer the money. If you've ever played in a casino, you know that these steps take only a few minutes and you can start playing immediately afterwards. But what does it look like in a Bitcoin Online Casino? What exactly is, how you can participate and what advantages there are, you will learn in our extensive adviser.

It is more comfortable to immerse into the virtual casino and to benefit from 247 of the best slots, roulette and blackjack implementations. Some enthusiast knows how to deal with real croupiers and dealers presumably only from the live casino!

We would like to introduce you to three US Bitcoin casinos here today, where you can deposit with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin online casinos mentioned here are particularly interesting for all fans of this cryptocurrency, since you can get bitcoins as a WilIncome Bonus in these online casinos.

I would like to pay great attention to new providers, that it is not Bitcoin Online Casino Fake. The licenses are checked, directly from the side of the licensing authority. I also pay attention to the fact that the bonus conditions are playful. On both points there are sometimes black sheep and so I prefer to look twice to give you a safe and serious BTC Casino.

You could even have done as much as 100x, which means you could have converted $100 into as much as 10k. Experts believe that this will happen again in 2021, the only question is on which Coin you are betting?

Example of a transaction

Since the use of bitcoins is not a matter of course even today, we now show you how to introduce you to the deposit process:

Register in the Bitcoin Casino Once the purchase has been completed, you should search for providers, which are called the best Bitcoin Casino. Registration in this casino is necessary to subsequently use Bitcoin as a payment method.

Protection of accounts-no matter how much the security system of a casino is, there is always the theoretical probability that a player account will be hacked by hackers. Therefore, the casino asks for confirmation that the real account holder has requested the payment of the funds.

In the second step, you should become familiar with customer service and look like customer-oriented, if you need help and support. Always check whether the customer service speaks US at the Bitcoin Casino. In the last step, you should deal with the existing payment methods and, of course, see if you are offered the opportunity to play with Bitcoins or another cryptocurrency.

Most vendors have promotions, for example, a Bitcoin bonus without deposit. At first, this sounds very tempting, but it is necessary to check whether the platforms also keep their promises of payment.

Pragmatic Play

The software provider Pragmatic Play builds online slots based on the model "Las Vegas": thrills and fun are thus guaranteed! With hardly any other online game maker, profit and loss also lie as close to each other as Pragmatic Play. Although the free games are a bit easier than for example with NetEnt, but thanks to the ingenious animations and the immersive sound of the slots, you will still be offered a lot of hot action here. Or, as we like to say, if you once played Pragmatic Play and then changes, it feels like going from the highway to the 30s zone.

In addition, in addition to the reasons already mentioned, licensed online casinos with Fiat Currency must regularly report their revenue and expenditure to the authorities and the tax office.

The websites that use Bitcoin can sometimes also pose a risk. Our recommended Bitcoin-Casinos have existed for some time and are known for their service and fair games. However, with the many users and numerous providers who advertise with real money game for Bitcoin, there is a risk of some "black sheep" in the industry. Many casino sites are operated without official guidelines or supervision, and players do not have any protection if problems arise with the corresponding operator.

Everything is determined by mathematical calculations. There is no bank involved, which uses your personal data to check whether everything is fine. As a result, hackers can never get data from you when you pay with cryptocurrency.

The 8 Best Bitcoin Casinos

In the following you will find a short overview of the best 8 suppliers in USA, together with a brief description as well as the focus and the special features.

But at some online casinos, the requirements and conditions for converting the bonuses may be too strict or even impracticable. For this reason I always read carefully the terms and conditions and advise all players to do so. Only then can you decide whether you should accept the welcome offer.

The only drawback of Bitcoin is its inconsistency-due to the fluctuation of prices, exchange rates can be at your advantage on a day to your advantage and the next day to your detriment.

In principle, one chooses the possible straight lines, lines and diagonals, pays his money, and actuates the start button. For three books in the options you choose, you will receive 10 free games and one symbol.

Bitcoin casinos give you the chance to request a number of Bitcoin casino free games or free Bitcoin gaming money without even having to pay a Bitcoin (a Satoshi). These casinos also offer Bitcoin casino bonus codes. You sign up with a new real money casino account and you will be rewarded with a credit or free play. Use the option to use the free bitcoins in many world-class real-money carpine games.

As a result, the images begin to rotate, and in the case of 5 identical symbols in a row, you usually get some coins paid out. There are also known machines online.

There are, of course, a number of other factors that need to be taken into account and that we are also reviewing, but the two above are the two most important. To learn more about our review process, read the article above, or take a look at our fair gambling code.

Players who love to sit together with other players at a casino table will not be disappointed in the online Bitcoin casinos. Because here, too, Bitcoin casinos are at least as worthy of their predecessors. One of the most popular live Bitcoin casino games is Bitcoin Roulette, Bitcoin Poker and Bitcoin Black Jack (Blackjack).

The benefits of Bitcoin in the Online Casino

Your own Bitcoin account is safe from all accesses by unauthorized persons and can also not be frozen.

The ball selects a green, red, or black number and, if a tip is correct, a certain percentage will be paid out. In case of a wrong prediction, the complete insert is lost.

First of all, you need to know that it is completely legal in USA to own Bitcoin and to use it for payments. The law is still imperfect, somewhat vague, and aims only to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

But how is it now the welcome bonus? The welcome package includes 5 BTC and 250 free games, and is one of the best deals in the industry, which can only be outbid BitStarz.

" The transactions covered by section 1 (1) (1) are tax-free: the transactions which fall under the law on racing competition and lottery. UstG ยง 4 Nr. 9b "

We are not lawyers and we can, do not want to, and must not give legal advice, but these developments are another reason for our warning.

Attention: Even if profits themselves do not have to be taxed, then possible interest on profits must be taxed very well!

Many casinos offer the option to make disbursements with this virtual currency. But this cannot be generalized: in some cases, it is only a deposit method, but not as a payout method.

Which currencies are supported in a Bitcoin Online Casino?

That depends entirely on the provider. In some Bitcoin casinos only BTC, i.e. Bitcoin, is supported as the name-giving currency. Others also have Ethereum (ETH), DASH, Litecoin (LTC), and many other currencies in the program. Some Bitcoin casinos have even invented their own cryptocurrencies for online poker, which you can play with. If a Bitcoin Online Casino offers you numerous different currencies, you should just take the one that you like best. There is usually no change in the operations, bonuses, accounts, or fees. But make sure not to transfer money in a cryptocurrency, which seems to you to be dubious from the start. Bitcoin casinos of this kind you should avoid.

Endorphina and Softswiss are perhaps not so well-known Bitcoin casino slots manufacturers, but that doesn't mean they don't offer lovable slot machines. Satoshi's Secret of Endorphina is a unique slot based on the modern world of cyberhacking, while The Emirate offers players a contemporary view of the Middle East by celebrating the riches of an oil tycoon. Cherry Fiesta of Softswiss is a little bit easier due to his retro theme, but the 5-reel video slot still offers some exciting spins and decent wins.

Especially the online casino licenses are worth highlighting here. In fact, the lack of licensing implies that the online casino is not controlled from an independent point of view and that it is unregulated. This is also the reason why we only list self-tested, licensed Bitcoin casinos. Independent random generators are another important criterion in terms of seriousness. Only in this way can it be ensured that results in gambling are not manipulated.

All Bitcoin slot machines have a certain success rate, which you can calculate in part yourself. For many games, however, it is below 50%, so that in the long run the house and not the customer wins. Otherwise, such inventions would not be reinvented for the operators.